Vitamin Rich Body Lotion

This luxury vitamin-rich body lotion is made from a vibrant fusion of oil and herbs that will give you skin a natural and radiant glow. The combination of Cupuacu Butter, Baobab Oil and Tamanu Oil will give your skin a boost of the purest, most natural vitamins and minerals.

  • Makes dry and dull skin come alive and thrive
  • For daily use, but ideal to calm the skin after exercise or sunbathing

This refreshing body lotion is made from a variety of skin treating ingredients that all creates a synergy of benefits. The Aloe Vera juice can promote new skin cells, slow down the aging process and enhance overall skin health. The fruit pulp used for Boabab oil contains seven times the amounts of vitamin C of oranges and two times the anti-oxidants of Acai. Research shows some of the biological proporties of the Baobab tree which is antimicrobial, antimalarial, anti- inflammatory and anti-oxidant. Cupuacu butter is high in phytosterols which is a major ingredient needed to help treat dry and damaged skin through supporting the collagen in your dermis. These oils creates a state of the art care for your body and skin.

VITAMIN-RICH BODY LOTION is hand poured in Sweden and made with 100% active and ingredients.

Application and use:

  • Moisturize whenever needed, preferably after shower on damp skin.
  • Ideally would be to dry brush your skin gently before shower as it might aid to circulate the lymphatic system and brush away dead skin cells.
  • If you have been exercising or sunbathing your skin will be boosted and revitalized with some extra nutrients, leaving a longer lasting tan and elasticity.